Design is Spooky: Denver Design Meet-up

OK, so after a long hiatus I think it’s time for Denver’s design meet-ups to start happening again. With all the new designers/design sites popping up in town, it seems like it’s high time for Denver’s creatives to come together and maybe form a super-hero team. Or just have some drinks…

Whether you are in the field of industrial, product, graphic or any other type of design come on down for an informal gathering of Denver design enthusiasts. We’ll share exploits from the recent AIGA conference, steal each other’s Halloween costume ideas and generally have a good time.

Join us on Monday, October 29th from 6-8 PM at the Skylark Lounge, located at 140 S. Broadway. Happy Hour goes until 7 and it’s a big enough place that we’ll be able to hear each other talk.

p.s. spread the word…

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3 Responses to “Design is Spooky: Denver Design Meet-up”

  1. modmom says:

    take pictures to show us!

  2. jaime says:

    Thanks Modmom, good idea! Let’s just hope the Sox wrap up the World Series before then or I may have a conflict of interest developing that evening:)

  3. Joey says:

    Word up, it has been a while. Are there any plans for events or any thing. If not we should have a design contest or show.