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Tim Liles: New New England

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

‘New New England’ is a collection produced by  NH-based designer Tim Liles with the help of local craftspeople.  The ‘Crested Comb Chair’ is a simplified version of the classic Windsor, made from native maple with streamlined joinery.  The chairs are made by Fred Chellis of Little River Windsors in Berwick, ME.  For the ‘Braid Dead Rug’ Tim collaborated with the Country Braid House in Tilton NH, bringing modern colors and graphics to a traditional craft.  As a native New Englander I really appreciate this collection; every region of the United States has local artisans with specialized skills and knowledge.  It’s nice to see someone tapping into these creative resources and collaborating rather than churning out another factory made widget.

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