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Design Miami 2010: Good, bad, but mostly worthless

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

I was browsing through the Design Miami highlight reel on Wallpaper and the results seem a little disappointing.  I guess when you call in Pharrell Williams to chat about craft you can’t really expect too much.  There were a few nice items that surfaced though, including the Campana brothers ‘Esmeralda’ light and an installation by Konstantic Grcic.

The rattan/glass pendant is part of a new series which the Campana brothers made with the Venini glass studio.  As Designer of the Year, Konstantic Grcic was invited to create an installation at the show.  ‘Netscape’, series of hammock seats, was designed to invite social interaction.   The rest of the photos I’ve seen are a cross between disheartening and just plain irritating.  I’d like to ask Arik Levy how putting 10,000 nails into a table constitutes progress or improves our world in any way.

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