Seattle Bound

Heading out to Seattle for the weekend so posting will be a little less frequent. I’ve never been up there before so if you have suggestions of places to visit – stores, restaurants, anything – please pass them along. Thanks!

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5 Responses to “Seattle Bound”

  1. keith says:

    icon grill
    kingfish cafe
    top pot donuts
    bauhaus coffee
    flying fish

    madison park (eat at cactus)

  2. keith says:

    also check out great jones home

  3. Anna says:

    well, I’m hardly the one to make suggestions, but I would definitely suggest Rem Koolhaas’s library. I’ve never been to gas works park, but I hear it’s really cool…

    As for food – I loved the pink door on our last trip. ( Have a great time!

  4. CheeseBikini says:

    Try Darbury Stenderu

    She used to do AMAZING handpainted silk velvet clothing. Her website is not showing clothing, but you never know what you might find at her shop in Belltown.

  5. jaime says:

    Hi everyone –

    Thanks for all the great tips, I will definitely check those places out. I am staying right by the arboretum and it’s actually sunny up here so I will be doing plenty of walking around!