Not Your Average Cup O’ Tea

Two new ways to enjoy tea time – ‘Chismosa’ by Juanico and ‘Sexy Legs’ by Undergrowth.

p.s. go sox!

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5 Responses to “Not Your Average Cup O’ Tea”

  1. INV/ALT design says:

    hmmm… denver blogger roots for the red sox? look, I’m no baseball fan, but I’m even less of a sox fan. I think you’re out to start trouble, miss designklub…

  2. jaime says:

    Hi Angela,

    I may live in Denver, but Boston is still my home town – my love for the Red Sox and Patriots will not be broken!

    Oh and I’m always out to start trouble…:)

  3. Anonymous says:

    If she didn’t keep her red sox loving roots…we wouldn’t allow her home for visits!

  4. INV/ALT design says:

    Let the record show that INV/ALT supports designklub’s loyalties to her hometown.

    (plus Angela likes Jaime and wants to make sure we can still be friends)

  5. jaime says:

    Duly noted Angela…have fun in Tokyo at designboom and don’t forget to “correspond!”